We don’t know the cost of the Megapack, but we do know it contains 3000 kWh of battery backup. This is the most underappreciated group.”, “But it would be difficult for me to overstate the degree to which, I think, Tesla Energy is going to be a major part of Tesla’s activity in the future.”. The Tesla battery cost about $50 million (or maybe $91 million, I’ve seen it cited as both) to construct and has 129 megawatt-hours of energy storage (or 129,000 kWh). At that rate, it will pay for itself within three years. “Tesla simply has been engineering these packs longer than its competitors, and therefore it has a technology lead that is significant,” Sam Jaffe, Cairn’s Managing Director, told CNBC. Battery Pack Prices Cited Below $100/kWh for the First Time in 2020, While Market Average Sits at $137/kWh Opinion How Great Power Rivalry May Affect the Low-Carbon Revolution How does it expect to bring capacity up to the levels needed to supply the world with gigawatts of batteries? According to this article from GE last year about the threat energy storage poses to peaker plants, the US will need about 20 GW of peaking power capacity to be installed over the next 10 years, with 60% being installed between 2023 and 2027. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 23, 2019. Powering The EV Revolution — Battery Packs Now At $156/kWh, 13% Lower Than 2018, Finds BNEF. $100/kWh Tesla Battery Cells This Year, $100/kWh Tesla Battery Packs In 2020, EIA estimates [pdf] that a new natural gas power plant’s overnight cost, CleanTechnica member, supporter, or ambassador. It is this number which determines the cost per kWh of storage, and today it's higher than we would like. If this is true, NextEra’s CEO, Jim Robo, would have been exactly accurate when he stated last year that “post 2020, there may never be another peaker built in the US.”. Megapack can also be DC-connected directly to solar, creating seamless renewable energy plants.”. Some researchers estimate that price parity, or the point at which electric vehicles are equal in value to internal combustion cars, is reached when battery packs cost $100 per kilowatt hour (kWh). Tesla’s battery packs cost $156 per kWh in 2019, according to electric vehicle consulting firm Cairn Energy Research Advisors, which would put the cost of a 90-kWh pack at around $14,000. Currently, it’s estimated Tesla’s cost per kWh hovers near the $115 mark. Does the Megapack include these new batteries? This means that Battery costs for Tesla vehicles likely declined from around $230 per kWh in 2016 to $127 in 2019. I don’t know if it does yet, but I strongly believe that it will, and here is where the game really changes. Where will Tesla make these batteries? With $190 per kWh packs, the cost for just the packs for Hornsdale would have been $24,510,000. VIDEO 2:34 02:34 Why Tesla's expected to have lowest battery costs … And, Tesla states: “Using Megapack, Tesla can deploy an emissions-free 250 MW, 1 GWh power plant in less than three months on a three-acre footprint — four times faster than a traditional fossil fuel power plant of that size. I concede that, with how protective the industry is, this could be a high number. There is no confirmation that this technology will be in the Tesla Semi, but I’ve felt like the delay in deployment had to do with Tesla swapping battery tech. A current Powerwall pulling extra power in at night and using it during the day would take me 13.7 years to pay off. They claim that Tesla’s battery cell cost is at $111 per kWh and LG Chem is at $148 per kWh. Tesla's value drops $50 billion as Musk's promised cheaper battery 3 years away, NEW DELHI: Investors slashed $50 billion from Tesla Inc's market value on Tuesday despite CEO, Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. It isn’t too hard to see Tesla Energy generating far more revenue from this, with potentially significant margins. Advertise with CleanTechnica to get your company in front of millions of monthly readers. If I’m close to right, we are about to see a major shift in costs. That, Musk stressed several times, will eliminate the existing price differential between EVs … If it turns out Tesla has figured out even lower-cost batteries than this, everything gets even better. I saved what I’m the most excited about until the end. I am going to be begging Tesla and CleanTechnica to send me to the Battery Investor Day so I can try to find out more. Even not assuming the benefits from the weekend, this would give the owner a payoff period under 6 years. Facebook Twitter Linkedin EMail Start a Conversation At $108.26, we can get 226,399 kWh (or 226.4 megawatt-hours) for the same expense. What would this mean? Battery Pack Prices Fall As Market Ramps Up With Market Average At $156/kWh In 2019 While this is still obviously a big cost, with the base price of $150,000, it leaves over $85,000 for cab design and profits. The Hornsdale battery was estimated to save about $40 million for the Australian market in the first year of operation. 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