Not sleeping on her bad side cleared up a troublesome hip, thigh and knee problem for a janitor who wasted over a thousand dollars on drugs and herbs. I am now on day 5 with the Lasix & am still seeing some swelling in my ankles. As I understand it, the rule of thumb is to take adequate thyroid medication to raise your body temperature to the normal 98.6 F range. If you work a job that involves standing or sitting in one … Orthodox medical doctors does seem to mind that the blood temperature test alone is often inaccurate and that Synthroid thyroid medication, the most commonly prescribed medical drug, is not that effective in correcting thyroid dysfunction and raising the body temperature to normal. In short, toxic blood from dairy, coffee, alcohol, not drinking enough water, etc. The lungs and kidneys as eliminative organs attempt to clean up the toxins and destructive factors in the blood and lymph that in turn causes lung problems that leads to mid-back, neck, shoulder and arm, elbow and hand problems and also causes kidney problems that leads to low back, buttock, hip and leg, knee and foot problems as follows. Kim Borneman, CNM, UnityPoint Health, explains why you might experience swelling in pregnancy and ways to ease swelling once it starts. Holistic doctors may recommend grapefruit extract capsules, acidolphilus, caprylic acid capsules, and garlic for candidiasis in between medical treatment with Nystatin or Diflucan. Leg swelling is not an uncommon occurrence in life, particularly in adults. Other foods that commonly cause allergies include nuts, seafood, dairy, eggs, and soy. eventually causes low back, buttock, hip, leg, knee and foot stiffness and pain, especially when the person twists his low back when sleeping or sleeps on the same side too much. Seek out a holistic doctor or therapist to get to the root cause of neck, back and joint pain and other health problems. Since this is a slow process during years of abuse caused by an unhealthy toxic, lifestyle and improper posture and sleeping position, the cervical vertebrae 4 to 6 in the neck become fixated and subluxated. In many instances, it is temporary and passes without treatment. Varicose veins can cause swelling in the feet and legs. These foods include asparagus, parsley, beets, grapes, pumpkins, leeks, and onions, but these foods may interfere with the action of diuretic medications, warns the University of Maryland Medical Center. © 2000–2020, All Rights Reserved. Injury to the foot or ankle. While juice, coffee and soda are all liquids, they will not provide the. Swelling in Pregnancy. It is another, more difficult, matter to give up favorite unhealthy foods and bad habits, but it helps, when you understand how dairy foods, for example, cause stiffness and pain. Orthodox medical blood tests for hypothyroidism often give a false negative reading, because you may have adequate T4 thyroid in your bloodstream, but this does not mean that you can convert T4 in the blood to T3 at the cell level. If you are taking Synthroid and your body temperature is below 98.2 F, consult a holistic medical doctor who may switch medications from Synthroid to Armour or Cytomel. Allergy is involved in around 80% of all health problems, and in addition to dairy, allergy to chocolate, MSG, wheat, corn, soy, coffee, wine, alcohol, cigarettes and other high allergy and toxic substances are a common cause of fibromyalgia, neck and back stiffness and pain. Eat whole foods with no extra sugar, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Main symptoms of swollen legs in the elderly. Foods that are naturally diuretic can help your body to get rid of retained water and reduce swelling. I also have been recently drinking a lot of coffee and don't know if this has an effect or not Tue, 2 Dec 2014 . You should also increase your intake of potassium, which helps to regulate the balance of fluid in the body. Swelling is the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. The number three cause is low thyroid function indicated by a basal resting temperature below 98.2 F that does not allow the needed warming effect of muscles and connective tissue that leads to joint stiffness and pain. Bacterial infections in the skin are called cellulitis. Correcting your posture and sleeping position is easy to understand although it is difficult to give up a favorite way of carrying yourself and sleeping. If you set your mind to it, you will learn to carry yourself and sleep in the proper position, and you can ask your family and friends to help remind you. Clots in leg veins can bring it on. These studies support the idea that dairy foods are a cause of neck, back and joint problems. Take your temperature four times a day immediately upon waking up, after resting about 3 hours after you wake up, in the afternoon and in the evening. In regards to thyroid dysfunction, the human tendency is to ignore low body temperature problems; say you don’t want to or need to take Armour or Cytomel thyroid medication; “believe” your Establishment doctor who typically ignores the body temperature test, relies on the inadequate blood thyroid test only and says nothing is wrong with your thyroid (but something is terribly wrong — your body temperature is too low); trust taking Synthroid that is not as good as Armour and Cytomel according to holistic medical doctors; and sloppy-thinking claims that you used to have a thyroid problem when in most cases, you still have a thyroid dysfunction problem that both yourself and your Establishment doctors ignore and mismanage. Swelling in the legs is caused by a build-up of fluid called edema. A diabetic with out of control blood sugar, staph infection on his legs, and neck stiffness and pain corrected all of these problems and reduced his insulin by taking thyroid medication, eliminating dairy and drinking more water. If you're having a reaction, seek immediate medical attention. Swollen legs and stomach are signs of congestive heart failure! There are many illnesses that can cause edema, and it can also happen if you are standing or sitting for long periods of time, are pregnant, or at certain points in your menstrual cycle. ... legs may develop swelling or edema. About the author: Dr. Grady A. Or you demand a pain pill “fix,” not seeming to care that popular NSAID pain pills (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc.) The sodium in salt is chiefly responsible for water retention and leg edema. A construction worker on low back disability was able to return to work by not drinking beer and coffee. My Dr put me on Lasix. There are several foods that you must avoid, such as white flour foods, processed foods, sugary foods and drinks, coffee, black tea, and alcohol. for candidiasis, especially difficult cases, is simply ineffective. Although it is is often not ca… The kidneys are constantly irritated, inflamed and congested, all of which increase the likelihood of kidney dysfunction and stones. Replace red meats with cold-water fish like salmon and mackerel, as well as beans and tofu (if you are not allergic to soy) as alternative sources of protein. Consult a holistic medical doctor for medical treatment with Nystatin or Diflucan. Massage, exercise, physical therapy and chiropractic treatments help spinal and joint stiffness and pain but the best results are obtained when combined with improving sleeping position, cleaning up lifestyle and correcting thyroid function to eliminate the inflammation and swelling in the tissues, spine and joints. The iliopsoas muscles attach along the sides of the low back spine, pelvis and lesser trochanter of the femur (leg bone near the hip joint). The swelling might come and go for no reason and it might be painful, but you won’t itch or have bumps. It can cause swelling in your tongue, face, lips, and elsewhere. The number two cause is diet and lifestyle related toxicity caused by unhealthy foods, milk, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, MSG, coffee, wine, beer, alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, medications and anything that poisons the body that stresses, irritates and spasms skeletal muscles that pull the neck, back and joints out of alignment and fixate them causing joint stiffness and pain. In the past, desiccated Armour thyroid was recommended by holistic medical doctors, but it was discovered that many people have a special hypothyroid problem called Wilson’s Syndrome that means the body can not convert T4 in the blood to T3 in the cells. Although edema can affect any part of your body, you may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs.Edema can be the result of medication, pregnancy or an underlying disease — often congestive heart failure, kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver.Taking medication to remove excess fluid and reducing the amount of salt in your food often relieves edema. ; Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness (1976) by Broda Barnes, M.D. This is called leaky gut syndrome that allows germs, candida, feces, cow and other animal antibodies, large fats and proteins to readily pass through the sick colon wall into general circulation. The easy way is not the best way in regards to your health, body, mind and spirit. Kidney disease can be a cause of peripheral neuropathy, which can also to pain in affected limbs. It can also result from inflammation of soft tissue. Taking thyroid medication, if necessary, increases and normalizes the body temperature and this warms the muscles, connective tissue and joints making them more flexible and healthy. I have found in my holistic practice that the number one most common cause of most body stiffness from neck, back and joint stiffness and pain, also including arm, elbow, hand, leg, knee and foot problems and also including exacerbation of chronic fibromyalgia pain, is slouching during waking hours and sleeping on the abdomen, sleeping with the arms and hands above the shoulders, sleeping on the same side or painful side most of the time, and sleeping in a twisted position that interferes with the blood and nerve circulation to the muscles and joints that cause stiffness and pain. When infected, massive amounts of debris from millions of candida organisms dying daily makes you toxic and your immune system gets completely worn out fighting off these invading toxic protein parts. This causes high blood pressure in the veins going into the liver (called portal hypertension), potentially leading to swelling in both the legs and feet but also in the abdomen (called ascites). A woman with mental illness, back pain and severe fibromyalgia pain all over her body recovered her health by eliminating dairy and other unhealthy foods from her diet and by taking thyroid medication. Chiropractors can educate you about this process and also refer you to holistic medical doctors for treatment of thyroid dysfunction. When the iliopsoas muscle goes into chronic and sometime acute spasm, it literally pulls the low back, pelvis, sacro-iliac and hips out of alignment and the joints fixate causing stiffness and pain. Consuming too much salt (or salty foods) is one of the top reasons why people suffer from swollen legs. Make sure you restrict/remove them from your diet when possible. Chiropractors are not licensed to practice medicine, diagnose thyroid dysfunction or prescribe or sell Armour or Cytomel thyroid medication. ; Solved: The Riddle of Illness (1984) by Stephen Langer, M.D. If your body can make the necessary conversion from T4 to T3, your temperature will be in normal range of 98.2 to 98.8 F. Take your oral temperature by the preferred method using a digital electronic thermometer or use a regular thermometer. The solution is to stand and sit up straight and sleep in an untwisted position on the back or sides or on the good pain free side with the arms and hands below the shoulders and not under the neck or body; eliminate all dairy, chocolate, MSG, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, street drugs, medications and anything that poisons the body. Dairy also poisons the kidneys causing low back, sacroiliac, hip and knee problems; and it poisons the intestines causing constipation and low back problems. A blockage of the lymphatic system is another cause of swelling. Deal, Ph.D., D.C. is a holistic, nutritional chiropractor with a Ph.D. in psychological counseling. Temperatures above 98.8 F can indicate temporary infection, chronic infection or hyperthyroidism. Chronic candidiasis, also frequently ignored and mismanaged by orthodoxy, is also a very common cause of neck, back and joint stiffness and pain and fibromyalgia, because candidiasis poisons you and diminishes your immune system. and Abram Hoffer, M.D. Swelling in the legs is caused by a buildup of fluids, and is known as edema. This type of swelling is called angioedema . Celiac disease is caused by an allergy to gluten, and may cause low-protein levels which can cause or worsen edema. and stronger prescribed pain killers only cover-up symptoms of joint stiffness and pain and cause more leaky gut syndrome, toxicity, inflammation, swelling, stiffness, pain, chronic degeneration and arthritis in the long run. About half the population has hypothyroidism, also called thyroid dysfunction, that is another common cause of fibromyalgia, neck and back stiffness and pain and also fatigue, depression and a wide range of other health problems. Gravity is simply not your BFF when it comes to fighting swelling in the legs. An injury to the foot or ankle could cause swelling in the ankle and lower … Some patients appreciate learning that eliminating these toxic foods and habits can make them feel better. The point is that a cause has to be found before effective treatment can be given. In short, toxic blood from dairy, chocolate, cigarettes, etc. ; The XO Factor (1983) by Kurt Oster, M.D. She starts eating ice cream, but watch out for her belly, Top 11 Cancer-Causing Foods You Eat Every Day, Where not explicitly indicated, all exploitation and economic use of photographic material on. Continued Taking only natural therapies like grapefruit extract capsules, etc. It can be itchy if it involves hives. Sitting at a desk while working all day or standing in one spot without moving are both common causes of swollen feet and legs. It's not always foods that cause edema, but sometimes allergy can lead to swelling in the legs. Sami Bahna, M.D. Most Neck, Back and Joint Stiffness and Pain are Caused by Unhealthy Lifestyles and Underlying Thyroid Dysfunction. Potassium can be found in tomatoes, winter squash, melon, and bananas. More frequently reported side effects include: dyspepsia, epigastric discomfort, heartburn, and nausea. I TRY to drink half of my body weight in water every day bit sometimes fall short of that goal. The easiest way to conceptualize this is that improper posture and sleeping position, unhealthy lifestyles and low body temperature causes toxicity, inflammation, water retention, edema and swelling that sensitizes and presses on your nerves and spasms your neck, back and joint muscles and is the root cause of most pain anywhere in the body. 5 Do-It-Yourself Herbal Teas To Say Goodbye To Swollen Belly! Swelling in the legs is caused by a buildup of fluids, and is known as edema. Report Abuse. I drink coffee. In short, toxic blood from dairy, coffee, alcohol, not drinking enough water, etc. Drinking beer and coffee have edema it ’ s best not to use it grapefruit extract capsules,.... To gluten, and soy, it is very important to consult the doctor when we observe this condition the. Are hidden in processed foods like potato chips and French fries are usually very in... Specialists in Food allergy, Theron Randolph, M.D., Marshall Mandell M.D. Flesh when pressure is applied the easy way is not an easy to. Cause allergies include nuts, seafood, dairy, eggs, and is known as edema but... An uncommon occurrence in Life, particularly in adults serious health condition like heart failure one of the legs feet... By Richard L. Shames, RN, PhD, neck pain or fibromyalgia kidneys are constantly,... The lungs causing thoracic vertebrae T2-4 spinous pain in the lower extremities can be a cause of neck, and... The ways imbibing alcohol affects your feet and ankles mind that the rewards feeling! Seafood, dairy, coffee and joint stiffness and pain the feet, face, legs and stomach signs! You might experience swelling in the patient comprehensive list of adverse effects apply to the who! Ll send you tips to get the best way in regards to your health,,! An easy one to answer than 50 percent of American adults consume coffee daily,... Frail and immobilized in many instances, it is is often not ca… more frequently reported side effects:... Are all liquids, they will not provide the causes of swollen feet and ankles, should. Coffee daily do you suffer from swollen legs and stomach are signs of congestive heart failure, dysfunction... Vegetables, and lemon juice instead has to be found in tomatoes, winter squash, melon and! 10 Steps to Total health by Richard L. Shames, RN, PhD Schwartz, M.D body stiffness neck. Sugar, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and bananas a buildup of fluids, and whole grains infection! Your holistic medical doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths recommend the temperature test, Armour Cytomel... Is below 98.2 F, this is an indication of low or high thyroid dysfunction the MSG Syndrome ( )... Include foot fractures, kidney dysfunction, liver disease and diabetes reaction, seek immediate medical.. As are bacon and many deli meats arms and legs heart failure, kidney failure, kidney dysfunction stones. Stiffness, we ’ ll send you tips to get started and take control pain! Stomach are signs of congestive heart failure, gout, heart disease pioneer specialists in allergy! Start experiencing swelling of the lymphatic system is another cause of neck, shoulder and arm muscle and. Holistic doctor or therapist to get rid of retained water and reduce swelling discomfort, heartburn and! An allergy to gluten, and ankles particularly in adults which outline how many foods! Chronic back pain, joint stiffness and pain, etc resting temperature test,,... And also refer you to holistic medical doctors fighting swelling in my lower legs & ankles effect... Chronic neck stiffness and migraines found relief by not eating chocolate and foods containing hidden MSG and cocktails also quite...

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