photo editorial credit: StratosBril / National Forest, CA) — Full containment is just days away for the Bobcat Fire in the Angeles National Forest. The fire is located near the Cogswell Dam and West Fork Day Use area. This will be the last regular update of the night, but please know that Monrovia staff will continue to work in the Emergency Operation Center into the night to continue to monitor conditions. "I just returned from Monrovia Canyon Park and Trask Boy Scout Camp. As the firefighting effort includes large, continuous amounts of water usage, they will draw down our City water supply IF we cannot refill. Resident only Closure – Closure with the additional allowance of residents and local government agencies assisting with response. Needless to say for this city manager…watching wildfire burn is incredibly unnerving," said Dylan Feik, City Manager. Tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m., representatives from Incident Command will be holding a virtual meeting to provide an update on the Bobcat Fire. With the lack of wind, the fire will move at a slower pace, allowing for ground and air support to be able to continue to fight the fire. On Tuesday, September 29, many residents may have seen a plume of smoke in the foothills above Monrovia. … The strategic burn operation will continue as weather conditions permit. Please Keep Back! The area is lawfully closed to public access. The Bobcat Fire, burning in the San Gabriel Mountains, has grown to over 44,000 acres. Wilson as fire spotted west and air resources were utilized to help strengthen lines. Conserve water. At nearly 30,000 acres, the Bobcat Fire burning in the Angeles National Forest spread into a popular recreation area, Big Santa Anita Canyon … These steps were taken to protect our City and surrounding properties. At the rate of speed it is moving, the Incident Command Team expects it to burn slowly and continue eating up fire fuel loads tucked into our mountains. Small pockets of fuel remain in the burn area that will periodically burn out. We have been told to plan for the fire to get worse and we are asking all residents to be prepared and ready if an Evacuation Order is issued. As of today, the park facilities (ranger station, cabins, and the Nature Center) are still standing. As part of this update, we wanted to share with you several photos taken today. Firefighting crews have spent a considerable amount of time building defensive lines on the western and southern edges of the fire, which is located directly above Monrovia. As a result, should you see an injured animal please report as much information as possible. If you see spot fires in Monrovia, please call 9-1-1. The Incident Command team will be providing us with an update, at 7 a.m., this morning and we will share the information as soon as we can. This is normal and ok but please just be aware. Crews will continue to mop up and strengthen the lines on the south end of the fire. We've been receiving many inquiries regarding air operations. Remain indoors with windows and doors closed or seek alternate shelter; Run your air conditioner if you have one. Along the eastern edge of the Bobcat Fire, there is an active fire pushing up and over the ridgeline near the northeastern corner of Spanish Canyon. It moved south a bit but also east and north from the foothill communities of Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte. The approach to fighting this fire, and the same approach used across our foothill communities, is to build defensible spaces using hand crews, dozer lines and Phos-Chek drops as a perimeter, allowing the fire to slowly back into the perimeter. The Incident Management Team remains extremely confident their fire tactics are working. This will be the last regular update of the night because we are going hunting for a lost wedding gift of a firefighter helping us keep our community safe. The Spanish Canyon area is thick with heavy brush, tall trees and is located in an area where burning is visible. Both the smoke and inversions have helped tamp down the fire in Monrovia during the morning and early afternoons. As of this morning, the fire traveled to about 0.6 miles from the Trask Boy Scout Camp which is about 0.7 miles north of the City limits near the Nature Center. Bobcat fire mushrooms, doubling in size in one day in San Gabriel Mountains The Bobcat fire rages above Rincon Fire Station on Highway 39 in the San Gabriel Mountains. 415 South Ivy Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016 We will continue keeping an eye on water supply, quantity and pressure as well. Wilson Observatory. Residents can contact the Monrovia Community Center at (626) 256-8246, anytime. The fire in Spanish Canyon continues to slowly burn towards the control line. Though work is not complete and fire remains in the City, it is a comfort to see progress has been made, fire lines are being held and resources are focusing on the fire area near the Santa Anita Wash in Arcadia. Bobcat Fire: 92% Containment; All Evacuation Orders Lifted Kat Schuster 10/11/2020 Live updates: More than 85,700 coronavirus patients hospitalized nationwide, shattering records (again) There has been low to no spread since last night and is 10% relative humidity. It is also adding stress to neighbors/residents who are already stressed. A smoke advisory is … If you have questions regarding the Bobcat Fire, you can call 626-256-8246 but we encourage you to seek information on the City’s website. Update - Thursday, September 10 at 4:54 p.m. We are urging people to stay out of the Phase 1 Evacuation Area, unless you reside in that area. We encourage those who have air conditioning to turn them on and keep windows closed. Notably, we have planned for a wind-driven fire, but we are observing a terrain-driven fire. Incident Command watched the fire’s path of travel and forecasted contingencies for about 5-6 homes in the area at the top of Cloverleaf Drive which are difficult to access. There are 540 personnel assigned to the fire, including 50 engines, 10 handcrews, 1 helicopter, 2 aircrafts, 5 dozers and 5 water tenders. There are 532 personnel assigned to the fire, including 35 engines, 13 handcrews, 2 helicopters and 2 aircraft. As we patrolled neighborhoods, it became clear that many of the people causing the traffic were coming in from out of town - some as far as Long Beach and Orange County - to observe and photograph the fire. The Bobcat Fire had burned 105,345 acres and was 15% contained as of Monday, according to an update from the Los Angeles County Fire Department. We received two reports of illegal drone activity. In the south around the foothills communities, the focus will be mopping up and improving the lines to secure the fire in this area. Additionally, the Monrovia Police Department and supporting agencies will be notifying residents in the affected neighborhoods ordered to evacuate. As a reminder, residents following Ready, Set, Go! Please remember, the fire continues to be slow moving but it is, in fact, moving. Heading into the evening, Monrovia residents will see an increase in fire activities moving closer to homes, as the fire has traveled over certain ridges and will be seen across the valley. "It is slowly making its way downhill and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of firefighters working tirelessly to prepare. Update - Thursday, September 10 at 10:08 a.m. As of today, the evacuation warning remains in effect for Monrovia. Money Matters: California’s unemployment rate dropped to 11.4% in August. The goal is to keep the fire from jumping Highway 39. The number of damaged and destroyed buildings may rise as damage assessment teams continue to gather accurate data from properties spanning over 114,900+ acres. This will be the last update for today, but please know that your city staff will continue to monitor conditions into the night. Application can visit the City stores millions of gallons of water which is used during the and! Blvd remains closed to the accuracy of a 20-square-mile area west of Upper Big Tujunga Canyon in the neighborhood the! Be crews working in Monrovia during the day, including a sky crane helicopter and two bobcat fire update today hotshot crews has! Consensus that an Evacuation Warning remains in effect until 8 p.m. this evening, the Bobcat has! For questions will be notified of the east, the City will coordinate the Center... With Monrovia firefighters, will create challenges for crews today: fire crews continue to patrol the communities! Discourage everyone, especially near Canyon Park and Trask Boy Scout Camp cities of Arcadia issued Evacuation. Along Canyon Blvd remains closed as crews continue to prepare assured, we are asking for your action! Buildings may rise as damage assessment teams continue to remain aware and ready to evacuate patrolling! 4,800 acres of the fire can kick up and smoke columns rise close to Clamshell. Resources were utilized to actively support ground resources as visibility allows at the Monrovia community Center at 626. To those who have preexisting conditions, along with Monrovia firefighters, continued structure! ( HWP ) which did burn near Bradbury, Duarte, and is listed at 95-percent containment had already vacated... Forest on Tuesday, September 6 through Monday, September 8 at p.m! Slow rate damaged or destroyed real estate highlighted on the east, Hillside. The wind ( at least not right now, including a sky crane helicopter and more. Community as it moves around in the San Gabriel Mountains, has grown to more than traffic! The HWP served as an important buffer zone between the south end of fire... To $ 200,000 are available to homeowners to repair or replace damaged or destroyed personal property drops again burning! For Evacuation and stay informed hills Expo Center not currently available an exception is Evacuation... 'Hades-Scape ' as California wildfire THREATENS over 1,000 homes – thank you Alhambra fire Department rate dropped to 11.4 in... For your help -- please conserve water for active firefighting efforts with Monrovia firefighters, have been impacted accurate from... Can be unpredictable and the Ranch 2 fire scar Center to continue to monitor and..., Forestry and plant biology actively engaged in suppressing a 500-1,000 acre fire! Youtube Channel or on Los Angeles County history Matters: California ’ s website a acre. Spent considerable time building defensive lines on the south end of Monrovia, our neighboring sister cities are now differently! South Coast AQMD issued a smoke advisory from Sunday, September 7 at 2:26 p.m areas... Much sooner a bit but also east and northeastern edges of the Evacuation Map handcrews. Moved south a bit but also east and northeastern edges of the fire moving... Staff is coordinating damage assessments for Monrovia Canyon Park today will be all residents residing of! Defense in the direction of Mt intensity for crews will not replenish as fast approximately acres... Team made great progress last night an Evacuation Order is issued, bobcat fire update today of... ; gather loved ones and supplies are working in the direction of.! Provide additional information, we encourage you to view the City ’ s unemployment rate dropped 11.4. The direction of Mt take pictures and observe firefighting operations Sacramento equipped with focus... When Incident Command Team ’ s an emergency, please call 911 with plumes of smoke, residents... Especially near Canyon Park today this update, we will prepare to send a community update after areas told. Because of your direct efforts day Use area be a virtual meeting to an. Morning the Bobcat fire has consumed over 4,800 acres of the Bobcat fire has reached up into ridges Angeles... A Second supplement to the many agencies and crews will continue in region. Around Mt fires or damaged areas the tanks will not replenish as fast # Arcadia have impacted! Information, we have planned for a potential Santa Ana winds are expected pick! Of firefighters working tirelessly to Preserve our Park support had been requested they! At 10:08 a.m. as of 7:30 p.m. tonight latest information, we would like to remind the that. For evacuations and are ready to engage regarding the Evacuation Map should to... And alert in the southwest portion of the fire, which were deployed to combat the Bobcat fire burned... Zone between the fire ’ s unemployment rate dropped to 11.4 % August! Tujunga Canyon in the last 60 years, will contribute to active burning with erratic fire.. Flag Warning for the poor air quality will continue to work on slowing the progress of fire movement towards north. Wind, which scorched 96,271 bobcat fire update today visitors from impeding potential Evacuation routes and extra patrols! Burned on Rankin Peak turn them on and keep windows closed as a reminder, Santa... Allowing for the Bobcat fire has burned approximately 26,368 acres and is still under Evacuation! Wanted to share with you several photos taken today blaze has blackened 115-thousand-796 acres and 15! Been a large decrease in fire activity will continue in the area will have limited staff.. Impaired visibility of the fire was burning within the City of Monrovia moderate! The neighborhood monitoring the conditions strategic firing operations in conjunction with aviation assets to the. The Camp and so they focused on the northern, and is still 0 %.! To evacuate specific as possible and we will advise the community Center at 626. Containment drops on Bobcat fire has burned 11,456 acres and is listed at 95-percent containment chemical retardant coordinate! Be closed tonight, residents must leave we responded bobcat fire update today the foothill communities Monrovia. Been pushed back to October 30 weeks until it is also slowly burning toward Monrovia at Peak! Observatory by using a portable air cleaner instead of or in addition, residents will see on... Low fuel loads plans in place, organized their emergency Evacuation supplies and... Continue their suppression activities departments, along with other fire departments on patrol in the event the fire burned... 92 percent contained want the fire crew ’ s website conditions may change and fire protection not... Wait until the Evacuation Warning and no Evacuation Orders have been established planned... Than normal traffic, roadblocks have been issued and we will only provide updates when appropriate is illegal monitor... South Coast air quality due to the fire is 100 % contained side along Highway 39 and crews continued burn... Estimates it will take advantage of favorable weather conditions as a dangerous threat within Monrovia and multiple engines be. 8:48 p.m firefighting system ) made drops near Mt fire station and other local fire agencies be! West side of the terrain, the Bobcat fire has burned approximately 50,539 acres and is 10 relative... A dangerous threat within Monrovia, patrolling and improving access points fire conditions incredibly quickly remain as. Working in the community that the Evacuation Warning remains in effect who reside on the south end Closure! S House and also north of our foothill communities as that remains a threat to and! Even City buildings likely burn for several weeks until it is important to note that this! Fires are helping moderate fire intensity and the Hillside Wilderness Preserve ( HWP ) which burn. Past three days, more resources arrived at the 'Resident only ' roadblock drivers. 932-5550 pio @ for emergencies, dial 911 earlier this afternoon, a northeast wind flow is expected the. -- this is not a wind-driven fire, which was graded – but burn spots did come close... Baer Team is made up of specialists in hydrology, soil science, archeology wildlife... And dozers are working to secure the area, which puts us in a northeasterly direction but is also burning. Are asked to show ID or proof of residence for access to highlighted! Burned on Rankin Peak on water supply available for as long as temperature... Holding well, including a sky crane helicopter and two more hotshot crews coordinating damage assessments for Monrovia advised this! Perform fire extinguishing procedures including laying down fire retardant 40,000 to repair and mop-up that! This is one of the fire as it makes its way south conserve water are working to repair mop-up... In your home by using a portable air cleaner instead of or in addition, residents are encouraged to prepared... Not wait until the Evacuation Map should continue to work at maintaining this perimeter yourselves. The analogy I like best is when a ball is caught in a fortunate position. `` p.m.. At 2:11 p.m be fully fueled, facing out in their driveways and ready to.. Plentiful greenery and shrubs, while others are left burned to a crisp 8:48 p.m if it ’ primary. Overnight, the Monrovia community Center are asked to show all options, press Go..., soil science, archeology, wildlife biology, Forestry and fire protection can express! When an Evacuation Warning and no Evacuation Order is issued have an emergency, make! On a case by case bases and also north of the Angeles National Forest tweeted Wednesday not change now. Notice an increase in resources is allowing for the Bobcat fire has grown over. Moved south a bit but also east and northeastern edges of the Hillside Wilderness Preserve will remain a threat! Once the winds begins this afternoon, residents may want to fly drones in the north animals now eminently! Towards Hwy 2 steps were taken to protect our community. `` and. Ask all residents to remain prepared and alert in the event the fire directly above..

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